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0   0 - Cuban dance music for dancing feet, Pan Con Bistec Miami, is the new single by Maestro Bobby Ramirez; produced by multiple Grammy® Award winning producer, pianist Marlow Rosado. Photo by Jill Khan taken at the World Famous RUMBACOPA Social Club. On the cover art is Maestro Bobby Ramirez with Conga Showgirl dancer Desiree Ortega.

The song lyrics speak about Miami, Hialeah, Calle Ocho, and of course, the Pan con bistec, a food that has long been a unique part of Miami’s Cuban culture. The sound is reminisce of the old Mambo Salsa Fania Allstar, Eddie Palmieri, Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Larry Harlow.

“Although Miami today is more culturally diverse than 30 years ago, the Miami ritmo I think still largely remains “Cuban” by nature”, said Maestro Bobby Ramirez. “In Miami, a pan con bistec means Cuban steak sandwich. That’s not the literal meaning; but it’s a beloved food that is part of the Miami Cubano culture and tourist attraction; it is everywhere in Miami, and to me as a Cuban-American immigrant, that is something special that represents freedom and perseverance that you can’t find in almost no other place.

Musicians on this recording are as follows: Maestro Bobby Ramirez, lead vocals, tenor saxophone, flute; Marlow Rosado, piano; Luis Rodriguez, bass; Gamalier Reyes, all percussion; Somar Poveda, trombone; and Raul Rodriguez, trumpet, and Freddy Lugo, chorus vocals. This song was composed, orchestration, and lyrics written by Maestro Bobby Ramirez. “People that visit Miami on vacation or tour, make sure to eat a pan con bistec, a unique taste flavor of Miami.”

Virtuoso Jazzista Cubano, flautista, el Maestro Bobby Ramirez nacio en Camajuani, Santa Clara, Cuba. Por más de tres décadas, su estilo a sido distictivo y único, formando una perfecta harmonía entre ritmos de su herencia Afro cubana y el Latin Jazz.

"Gracias a Dios por mi Talento" br

Born in Camajuani, Santa Clara, Cuba, virtuoso Cuban Jazz flutist, Maestro Bobby Ramirez has been captivating audiences for over 3 decades with his unique style that forms a perfect harmonic blend of Afro-Cuban and Latin Jazz rhythms.

"Thanks be to GOD for my talent" br

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